Welcome to the Bijagos! Read on to find out more…

10 12 2009

The Bijagos islands are one of the best kept secrets in Africa, only a few hours by plane from Lisbon but a world away in terms of relaxed lifestyle, interesting culture and wonderful nature, and of course pristine tropical beaches – miles of them!

The little tourism there is is almost exclusively sport fisherman – some of the world’s finest fishing can be found here – but there is so much more besides this for the intrepid traveller. Until now, tourists have needed to speak Portuguese, or at the very least fluent French to get the most out of a visit, we are pleased to be able to offer an English language guiding and tour advise and organisation service to these wonderful¬†islands.

As tourism is small we do not work on a pre-organised package basis but prefer to discuss individual interests with potential visitors to help them get the most out of their visit.

Before looking at some of our suggestions for outings in the Bijagos we invite you to see what awaits with the photos below. (With kind permission from Andrew Scourse).

The view from the beach of Soga towards the island of Rubane.

Flamingoes are just part of the exotic wildlife here...

There's a lot of culture to explore as well... like this cow dance!

 All in all there are 86 islands to explore in the Bijagos, varying from the main town island of Bubaque to the remote islands with only a few villages as well as the typical uninhabited desert islands of Robinson Crusoe style.

If you weren’t thinking about the Bijagos for a vacation before, we hope you are now! Don’t hesitate to contact us to plan your voyage of discovery! We can be contacted either by email or phone:

Bijagos Adventures Email: casba.baio@yahoo.co.uk

Bijagos Adventures Phone: +245 636 3948